Four Important Kinds of Embroidery

Embroidery is the vast term; there are diverse kinds of embroidery. Here given are the types of embroidery that are most commonly used and considered very important. Every person who wants to learn embroidery must learn them.

Surface Embroidery:

surfaceThe first in the list is surface embroidery and the definition of this term is as same as the name indicated – it is the embroidery done on the surface of the cloth. There are diverse kinds of embroidery stitches that we can call as surface embroidery.

It is said that this form of embroidery is around since the first stitch was made by the man. Nobody can say that they are the founder of this style. On the other hand, cutwork, drawn thread, and pulled thread are made through fibers to make a stitch. The kinds of surface embroidery are redwork, crewel, cross stitch etc. It is also renowned as Freestyle Embroidery.


 This is the term that covers any embroidery that is made by using red thread on the natural colored or white fabric mainly muslin. In cross stitches and surface embroidery stitches, it is the most commonly used embroidery. In folk embroidery, it has been used mainly. It became famous from 1880 to 1900s when the stable dyes were made in Turkey.

The color number 321 in DMC floss is highly loved color that is being used for Redwork. The same redwork patterns can be made by using blue threads on the white colored fabric; these patterns are then called as Bluework. Either the embroidery work done by machine or by hands, there is the need of loads of hard work and concentration.

Candlewick Embroidery:

Candlewick EmbroideryAlso called as colonial knotting, it is the kind of embroidery in which designs of whitework are made by using Colonial knots and they are arranged in intricate patterns. In Colonial America this work was very renowned as it is rustic style in more. In this kind of embroidery, heavy cotton threads are being used.

It was mainly used to make clothing, bedcovers and curtains in the 1600 and 1700 and done with the use of actual unwaxed candle wick thread and made on cotton or linen fabric.

Cross Stitch:

stitch crossIt is kind of the embroidery in which two diagonally-worked stitches make “x” on the fabric. This embroidery is done on special Aida fabric, and made by taking one square or mainly counted as the two thread method when the fabric is even weaved.

In the embroidery transfer like hot iron and pre-stamped, surface embroidery stitch can also be used. This embroidery can be done singly or in the form of horizontal and vertical rows. When fine details are the requirement of the embroidery, then partial cross stitches are also being used. Anyone who is new in this field and wants to try cross stitch, he or she must start with the Daisy Chain as it is the design that is perfect for the beginners and easy to learn.