Tips To Make Your Sewing Better


tipsBefore you start stitching, there are few things that you keep in your mind.

• On your first attempt to use sewing machine, make sure to choose a simple fabric instead of hard one. Flannel and Denim can be hard fabric for the first attempt because on piling them together their layer become too thick.

• While stitching, keep your fabric under the needle of your machine. Keep the cloth on the machine’s left instead of right to avoid messy stitches.

• The lever is present either behind or at the side of the machine’s needle; it is used to assemble the presser foot. While the presser foot down, you can tug gently the fabric, it gives a machine pretty firm grip to it.

• To avoid the wrong stitching pattern on your fabric, press foot pedal slowly and gently. If you will press it too hard it will move fast and might become hard for you to handle and tear off your cloth.

• In case of knee bar, instead of foot pedal use your knee to push it to the right.

• If you want to handle your sewing pattern from hands, you can assemble balance wheel on your machine’s right side. It will help to steer the needle in your desired direction. You can sew straight or in curve easily with hands. It can make the learning process even more easy and creative.

• Keep extra care about the fact that never pull or force the fabric while it is under the needle to prevent it from tearing off or ruining. Needle can also break if you pull it harder and bobbin can clog up in stitches.

• If you are not happy with the speed of sewing, press your foot pedal harder or if possible buy a faster machine or adjust the stitch length.

• Always use provided manual to adjust the setting of sewing patterns on your sewing machine. Sewing machine can help you to get the sewing pattern of your desire. Make sure to keep the needle up while setting the stitching pattern to avoid tearing of fabric.

• With the help of hand wheel adjust the needle on machine’s highest point so fabric can be removed easily. Check the position of needle if thread pulls back the fabric.  Tips about thread can be found here.

• Cut out the thread with a sharp cutter or scissor when you are done with your stitching. Leave a little thread tail to re-start the stitching process.

• From near the edge, take right sides of the fabric and pin them together. Keep an eye on the parts of the fabric which you want outside after it get sew together. In printed clothes, it is usually easy to tell the difference between the inside and outside.

• Pin the lines perpendicularly where the seam will go. It will help you to sew right on top the pins without harming the fabric, machine or pins. Still it’s best to remove pins before stitches reach them.

• To sew the sharp corner, lower the needle so it can easily grip the fabric and raise the presser foot. Keep the needle down while you are rotating the cloth in your desired position. When you are satisfied with your new fabric position, lower the presser foot and re-start your sewing.

For more tips I would recommend this, Or here is the video of machine which can help implementing these tips for sewing, so you not get lost.