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Sewing Guide: Sewing Related Needles and The Use

Concept of sewing is incomplete without thread and needle. First thing that comes in mind at the name of sewing is needle. There are diverse kinds of needles that are utilized while sewing.

Hand Sewing Needles

These needles are highly necessary in completing any sewing project. Always select the hand sewing needle carefully because right selection doesn’t damage fabric.

Description: Complete range of sewing needles is available in the market and they vary in size and shape. Needle guides the thread when you are sewing with hands.

Use: The mostly used hand sewing needles are known as sharps. They have the medium length with a round eye. They are good with any fabric and can be used with ease. There are also needles with other shapes but they are not used very commonly. You will also find curved needles; these needles are utilized for hand sewing upholstery which cannot be sewed with the help of a straight needle. The fabric which is heavy, mainly thick needle is used for them.

How to check if the needle is up to your mark? When you are hand sewing and not sure whether needle size is appropriate or not, always try it on the seam. This way, you will know if needle can damage the fabric.

Expense: Hand Sewing needles don’t cost a lot. They are very inexpensive and easily available sewing notion. When you are working on a very delicate fabric, then don’t go for low quality needle at that time, instead select a brand so your fabric remains protected.

Sewing Machine Needle:

Sewing machine needles have diverse sizes and these sizes are highly necessary to make the right choice and it may also solve the problems associated with the sewing machines.

Sewing machine needles are tagged with the numbers and for the beginners, these numbers can be confusing. Mainly, there are two kinds of labeling system for sewing machine needles: American and European.

American labeling system:
The sewing machine needles in this system have the number from 8 to 19. Number 8 means the finest needle and 19 means the heavy needle.

European labeling system:
In this system, the numbers of the needles vary from 60 to 120. Number 60 is assigned to the finest needle and number 120 assigned to the thickest.

For fine and thin fabric, fine needle is used as the thick needle will leave holes in the fabric. For heavy fabric, thick needles are used as thin needle may bend or break when used on these fabrics. Penetration of needle in the fabric is the matter of main concern here.
Like Brother dz1234 and other sewing machines, many support almost all kinds of sewing machine needles. Testing the fabric and needle combination is always a good option before starting the project. Always check on the scrap so you can know which needle size suits the best and you can also select the thread length this way. The sizes offered like this 120/19, 80/12 etc. But you can also get them like this 19/120, 12/80 etc. Arrangement doesn’t matter in this case.


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